Government Spending / Taxes

I believe that the legislature’s role is to ensure that tax dollars are spent on needs, not wants.  We should be ever vigilant in looking to for opportunites to return dollars to the taxpayer.


The Cost of healthcare (and insurance) has become unaffordable.  I will fight for market-based reforms that allows for price competition.

Border Security  

I will promote legislation that secures our border.  It has been said that ‘a Nation without borders is not a Nation – it is a crosswalk’. We must also stop allowing our Texas Cities to advertise themselves as “Sanctuary Cities” – it only motivates more people to come here illegally.

Enforce the 10th Amendment

The United States Constitution provides that most governmental powers are reserved for the individual States.  Texas’ right has been trampled on by the Federal goverment, and we must fight to restore it.


Goverment has the obligation to protect those who cannot protect themseleves — due to age, disability or the unborn.

Pro-Gun Rights

As a life long hunter and gun owner, I will always be on the side of gun owners and support their 2nd Amendment rights.


I will fight to ensure our schools are adequately funded and let our teachers teach.