INTERVIEW: Burrows on plans for special session

By James Eppler

Lubbock State Rep. Dustin Burrows says he is ready to get back to work for a special session ordered by Gov. Abbott in July. In a discussion on Good Day Lubbock, he said he thinks a deal can get done on school finance, but vouchers do not need to be part of it.

In the regular session, the House passed legislation to pump more than a billion dollars into public schools to begin fixing the finance system. The Senate, under Lt. Gov. Patrick, passed a school finance bill that included vouchers for special needs students and about a third of the money the House approved. Some House members say vouchers are a non-starter. Burrows said the small school penalty is a much more pressing concern.

“It is difficult, if not impossible, for me to want to show up and not fix the real concerns of our district and even talk to them about vouchers,” Burrows said.

On the possibility of transgender bathroom legislation, Burrows said the House bill focused only on schools that he supports is a preemption bill.

“It says, historically, the State of Texas and the United States have always determined who is and who isn’t a protected class,” he said. “There are some cities, some higher education places and schools who believe there are more than two genders out there. I disagree with that.”

The full discussion with Burrows including his ideas on property tax reform and the perceived riff within the GOP is in the attached video.

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