South Plains Food Bank to Launch ‘Feed Our Kids. Fuel Our Future’ Campaign

By: News Release & Posted By Staff | [email protected]

LUBBOCK, TX (NEWS RELEASE) – A new campaign is set to launch at the South Plains Food Bank. The “Feed Our Kids. Fuel Our Future.” campaign will initiate a new strategy to combat childhood hunger across the South Plains.  Through fundraising for the campaign, the Food Bank hopes to establish 10 new Kids Cafe sites, distribute 500 more snack packs for school holidays, and prepare 500 more Kids Cafe meals each day. They hope to accomplish these goals over the next five years.

The campaign also seeks to raise $500,000  for Children’s Feeding Programs, and inspire 200 people across the area to commit to become “Child Hunger Advocates” through monthly donations of $30 or more.

According to Feeding America, almost 30,000 children are food-insecure across the South Plains Food Bank’s 20 county service area. That means 1 in 4 children across the South Plains are at risk of going to bed hungry, and that number moves up to 1 in 3 across their rural communities.

State Representative Dustin Burrows understands the need for children to receive adequate nutrition and hopes the community will rally to help the Food Bank achieve their goals with this campaign.
“Children are our most vulnerable population,” Burrows says. “If they don’t have proper and adequate nutrition, they cannot focus and learn and often act out and are disruptive. Children are our future, and while providing adequate nutrition won’t solve all of the world’s problems, it’s a great start to set our children up for success in society.”

Burrows will be advocating for the community to support the Food Bank to ensure children across his district receive proper nutrition.

Someone else who knows the importance of nutrition is Avery McDonald, a student at Kingdom Prep Academy who has raised funds for the Food Bank in the past. She is hoping to motivate students to become more involved in their community.

“I like to sell some of my extra toys and clothes and donate the money to the Food Bank to help kids who might be hungry,” Avery says. “I’m excited because we thought up this idea to get more kids involved by dedicating their birthdays to the Food Bank.”

Individuals can sign up online at to dedicate their birthday to the Food Bank. Both money and food donations will be counted towards the goal of the campaign.

With help from the Food Bank’s supporters, like Dustin Burrows and Avery, CEO David Weaver hopes to generate greater awareness about the issue of childhood hunger across the South Plains.
“We are excited for the potential results the success of this campaign will yield,” Weaver says. “We are also thrilled to provide ways for children to take an active role to help their peers in need. Through this campaign, we are fueling the future by helping children realize they can make a difference in our community and by making sure more children receive the nutrition they need to succeed.”

Donations towards the “Feed Our Children. Fuel Our Future.” campaign can be made online at

(News release from the South Plains Food Bank)